Pioneering Oregon Vineyards


Salishan Vineyards

Clark County, Washington

Linc and Joan Wolverton took a calculated chance and planted an eleven (11) acre vineyard near the town of La Center in Clark County, Washington, and named it Salishan Vineyards. They primarily planted Pinot Noir as well as small amounts of Chardonnay, Riesling, Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The couples’ interest in vineyards and wine started when Linc traveled abroad and spent time in Dijon France. Later while in the Army he spent eight months of his deployment in France which further stimulated his interest in wine. Then while living in Seattle the couple decided to buy 29 acres of farmland (near La Center) and eventually planted the vineyard, built a home and small winery.

Joan became the co-vineyard manager and winemaker. Their lives were filled with much trial and error in both winemaking and with how to farm the vineyard. Back in those early years there was little information on cool climate grape growing, or winemaking.

All their efforts provided successful though. Their 1978 Salishan Vineyards Pinot Noir made by Ponzi Winery in Beaverton had many favorable reviews. Over the years Salishan Vineyards sold grapes to a number of Oregon and Washington wineries.

Salishan Vineyards ceased operating in 2006.

  Salishan Vineyards in Clark County, Washington