Pioneering Oregon Vineyards


Courting Hill Vineyard

Courting Hill Vineyard was established about 1977 by Jimmy and Helen Leyden. The approximate 43 acre vineyard is located not far from Banks and overlooks the Tualatin Valley.

Jimmy and his brother Norman were “unusual wunderkinds”. During WWII brother Norman played clarinet for the legendary Glenn Miller band while Jimmy was a marine flight instructor.

Jimmy spent many years creating, arranging and producing TV commercial “Jingles”, from Winston cigarettes to Chevrolets to United Airlines and many more. These Jingles dominated TV channels during in the 1950-1960’s.

Jimmy also taught music at Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua, NY. During this time he wrote and produced complete two-act musicals which received rave reviews.

Then in 1977 brother Norman who had moved to Oregon to direct (for 33 years) the Oregon Symphony Pops needed help with the choir. Jimmy and family packed up and moved from New York to Oregon to work with the Pops.

They soon purchased land and with the help of Richard Sommer, founder of Hillcrest Winery near Roseburg, and Dick Erath the Leyden’s planted their vineyard. The vineyard produces about 100 tons of grapes annually and most are purchased by McMinnville based R Stuart & Co winery.


Fun Facts

Jimmy Leyden spent the 1950’s and 1960’s creating TV commercial “Jingles” for Chevrolet, United Airlines, and many other major companies.