Notable Contributors


Edward & John Von Pessl

Edward and John Von Pessl were brothers who immigrated to the United States from the Landau Province in Southern Germany.

In the 1880’s Edward worked in vineyards in St. Helena for Beringer Winery and also in Lodi, California.  He then moved north to join his brother John and the brothers settled in Douglas County near Roseburg where they knew Adam Doerner.

They originally brought three (3) varieties of grapes with them from California – Zinfandel, Burger and Sauvignon Vert. It is reported that they established a small vineyard to grow grapes and make wine.  Their vineyard was probably one of the earliest plantings in Southern Oregon.

They also assisted Adam Doerner, another German immigrant, in establishing his Douglas County vineyard.


Fun Facts

The Von Pessl’s covered all bases when it came to producing alcoholic beverages and were reported to have operated a distillery near Roseburg.