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Jim McDaniel

McDaniel Vineyards & “Renaissance Man”

Jim McDaniel is a fifth generation Oregonian with a family history dating to the wagon trains of 1844. He grew up in Yamhill County. His father founded McDaniel Grain and Feed in 1927 which was located in what is now called the City of McMinnville’s “Granary District”. His uncle owned Carlton Nursery. His great uncle owned a large Victorian house on Worden Hill Road in Dundee which is currently the Dundee Manor Bed and Breakfast.

He joined the Army in 1946 and was deployed to Japan where he developed a lifelong interest in Asian and Far Eastern culture. Asian influence was reflected in the architecture of houses McDaniel’s built and vineyard landscapes and gardens he developed.

In 1969 McDaniel met David Lett, owner and winemaker of Eyrie Vineyards. From that friendship McDaniel developed a great interest in growing grapes, and soon became part of the small band of early Oregon grape growers and wine makers. He purchased three tracts of land in the Red Hills of Dundee, developing and planting three vineyards. He sold grapes to David Lett, Dick Erath, Charles Coury, Doyle Hinman and many other early wine makers and winery owners.

The design of the home he built in the Dundee Hills and surrounding vineyard was inspired by his interest in Asian architecture. This was called McDaniel Vineyards and is now home to Tori Mor Winery.

McDaniel of DundeeIn the early 1980’s McDaniel’s friend Rollin Soles, co-founder of Argyle Winery and owner/winemaker of Roco Winery, made wine for McDaniel. This was the first wine Soles made and McDaniel’s last. Throughout their long friendship Soles referred to McDaniel as the “Renaissance Man” for his many interests including grape growing, piano playing and Japanese gardening.

Perhaps McDaniel is best known today for designing and managing a showpiece garden at Argyle winery for over 19 years.

  Howard Mozeico