Notable Contributors


Arnold Kohnert
"King of Oregon Malbac"

Arnold Kohnert, known as “Mr. Pompadour”, was one of the pioneers of Southern Oregon viticulture.

An engineer by profession, he and his wife Mary moved to the Rogue Valley in the early 1980’s. They planted a six acre vineyard in 1983 and named it “Pompadour Vineyard”.

Kohnert was always aware of what grew best at his vineyard and adjusted varieties and clones over the years. He kept meticulous records and shared this information with other growers and educators. He was often referred to as the “King of Oregon Malbac” as there was little planted in Southern Oregon at the time.

Arnold Kohnert passed away in April 2009.


Fun Facts

“This is Pompadour Vineyard, home of the best Bordeaux grapes in the Valley”. Opening statement on Kohnert’s voicemail.