Notable Contributors


Susan “Suzy” Gagne’ (1958-2005)
Airlie Winery

Bottle of Arlie wine made by Suzy GagneSuzy Gagne’ followed her dream and in 1997 became winemaker for Airlie Winery in Monmouth.

In 1989 she worked her first crush at Sierra Vista Winery in Placerville, California and then enrolled at the University of California- Davis and graduated in 1992 with a Masters in Food Science with emphasis on Enology and Viticulture.

She and her husband, Colin, purchased land in the Eola Hills and planted the Gagne’ vineyard.  “Not many people are able to achieve it, but Suzy was able to live her dream” said Mary Olson, owner of Airlie Winery in Monmouth.  Suzy Gagne’ passed away in January 2005.

  Susan Gagne