Historical Editorials


Memorable Oregon Wine Editorials

Richard Hopkins, the author of these editorials, co-founded the Oregon Wine Magazine with his wife Elaine Cohen in 1984. He spent most of his professional journalism career writing about Oregon Wine.

His wife once stated that Hopkins “liked to get people upset”. It was his way of promoting positive change. Readers of these editorials will observe that Hopkins did indeed critique the wine industry and state regulatory authorities. As the old saying goes “he called ‘em as he saw ‘em!” He left it up to his readers to judge whether he was correct or not.

This website’s author believes that today’s wine industry would be better off with a dose of Hopkins’ positive criticism and constructive Oregon wine journalism. We don’t see very much of this type of reporting anymore.

This author has labeled Richard Hopkins’ editorials as historic. We may never see this style of wine journalism again.

Memorable Oregon Wine Editorials



Who Loves Ya, Baby
Dec 02 -Jan 03

Lost A Step
February 2003

Hard Heads Would
Rather Stand Pat

May 2003

Shades of Hippydom
July 2003

All Together Now
Dec 03 - Jan 04

Anachronistic Wine Broker
System Time To Go

February 2004

Fight For Recognition
March 2004

America The Devout
April 2004

Southern Comfort
May 2004

The American War
On Drink

July 2004

The New Age Of
Oregon's Fine Wines

August 2004

Lush Enough
Sep - Oct 2004

License To Bother
March 2005

Change, Change, Change
April 2005

We Need The Carriage Trade
May 2005

Successful Cooperation
August 2005

October 2005

Don't Know Why There Ain't
No Sun Up In The Sky . . .

November 2005

Transition and "Easy Does It"
Dec 05 - Jan 06