HISTORICAL Oregon Wineries


Siskiyou Vineyards

Most Southern Winery in Oregon

Siskiyou Vineyards was Illinois Valley’s first commercial vineyard and winery and most southern Oregon winery. The first vineyards (6 acres) were planted in 1974 by founders Chuck and Suzi David after they bought the “Bear Creek Ranch”,

The winery was bonded in 1978, becoming the 92nd bonded winery in Oregon. Chuck passed away in 1983 and Suzi expanded the winery with the help of winemaker Donna Devine. At the time Suzi and Donna were the first all-woman owner and winemaker in the Northwest. The winery was located at 6220 Oregon Caves Hwy, Cave Junction, Oregon 97523.


Fun Facts

In 1997 Siskiyou Vineyards was sold to Rene Eichmann, winemaker at Bridgeview Vineyard.

Siskiyou Vineyards 1981 Oregon Gewurztraminer