HISTORICAL Oregon Wineries


Reuter's Farm
(Reuter’s Hill Winery)

In 1883 Fedrick Rüter, a German immigrant, homesteaded 140 acres north of Forest Grove and planted 40 acres of grapes. History doesn’t document what he planted or that he made Pinot Noir. Undocumented history reported that his Riesling or Pinot Blanc won a medal at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904. How he was able to get the wine to St. Louis in time for the fair isn’t known either, if in fact he did.

Reuter’s days of making wine came to an end with Prohibition, much to his and his customer’s unhappiness. The vineyard was abandoned and probably many vines destroyed.

During Reuter’s time the farm was known as David Hill, Wine Hill, or just Reuter’s Farm. What happened to the Reuter family after Prohibition is not known.

The property turned out to be quite a historical place. In the 1930’s after Prohibition the David Hill Winery started. It didn’t last long. In 1966 Charles Coury purchased the property and established Charles Coury Vineyards and Nursery. It operated until 1978. A little later the Reuters (no apostrophe) Hill Winery started. It then stopped. In 1986 Laurel Ridge Winery was established and operated there until relocating in 2001. Then David Hill Vineyard and Winery was then established. A long and interesting history!!


Fun Facts

In Germany the Rueter family name was spelled "Rüter." After immigrating to Oregon both the Rudolph Rüter family and Frederick Rüter changed the spelling to "Rueter."

Reuter's Farm (Reuter's Hill Winery)