HISTORICAL Oregon Wineries


Ponderosa Vineyards (1978-1980’s)

Oregon’s First “Sulfite-Free and
Totally Natural Wine”

Bill and Judy Looney owned 75 acres of land southeast of Salem near Lebanon. In 1978 they planted a twelve acre vineyard. Ponderosa Pines don’t grow well in the Willamette Valley since they like hotter climates. This led Looney to think his vineyard would be warmer than others.

Bill was the winemaker and released his first wines in 1987. He made Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc.

It’s not known how long the winery remained in business. The winery’s address was 39538 Griggs Drive, Lebanon, Oregon 97355.


Fun Facts

They named their winery “Ponderosa Vineyards” after the Ponderosa pines growing on the property.

In the 1980’s Ponderosa Vineyards was the only Oregon winery to produce “sulfite-free and totally natural wine”.