HISTORICAL Oregon Wineries


Forgeron Vineyard (1972-1992)

Forgeron Vineyard was the oldest winery in the southern Willamette Valley. It was started in 1972 by Lee and Linda Smith. Smith, in French, is “Forgeron”, as in blacksmith. The winery was bonded in 1977; first wines released in 1978. Lee was the winemaker and had some success with Cabernet Sauvignon.

Forgeron was well known for its beautiful gardens.

Lee was known for keeping detailed weather records and relating weather to production & grape quality. In the 1980’s he helped bring the International Cool Climate Viticulture conference to the northwest.

Forgeron discontinued operations in 1992. Their former address was: 89697 Shaffler Road, Elmira, Oregon 97437.


Fun Facts

In 1994 Doug & Susan LaVelle purchased Forgeron and renamed it LaVelle Vineyards.

Forgeron Oregon Pinot Noir 1982