Pioneering Oregon Wineries


Saga Vineyards

Saga Vineyards was the retirement dream of Austrians Richard and Juliana Pixner. In the 1980’s they were vacationing in Oregon and fell in love with the state. After selling their business in Austria they retired to the small northern Willamette Valley town of Colton.

In 1985 the Pixner’s planted a three acre vineyard which they used in conjunction with selling their oak barrels.

Richard Pixner started making wine and released his first vintage in 1989. All his wines were aged in oak, presumably Austrian or Yugoslavian. How long the Pixner’s remained in business isn’t known.

The winery was located at 30815 South Wall Street, Colton, Oregon 97017.


Fun Fact

As a retirement project the Pixner’s imported oak barrels from Yugoslavia and Austria to sell to Oregon winemakers.