Pioneering Oregon Wineries


Honey House Winery

Robert Saxton bonded Honey House Winery in 1976 to sell high quality mead, which is made from honey. To control quality he raised his own bees and limited them to blackberry and marionberry plants. Not many makers of mead did this in the 1970’s.

Saxton taught high school chemistry. He took a scientific approach to winemaking, using selective yeasts and documenting the fermentation process.

His mead was reportedly some of the highest quality produced in Oregon. It was sold under the Honey House Winery label and his fruit wines labeled Willamette Valley Homestead Wines. It is not known how long Honey House Winery stayed in business.


Fun Fact

Honey House Winery was located at 26202 Fawber Rd, Veneta, Oregon