Pioneering Oregon Wineries


Cote Des Colombes Vineyard

Joe and Betty Colombes history with wine goes back to 1969 when Joe ran several wine shops called “The Progressive Winemaker”, while working full time at Tektronix. A few acres of grapes were planted then.

The Colombes purchased acreage on a hill near the town of Banks and a five acre vineyard was planted. Joe had been a meteorologist in the Air Force and he was sure the vineyard was located in a microclimate that could fully ripen Cabernet grapes.

The winery was bonded in 1977 and a new tasting room and small winery were constructed in 1982. Joe was the winemaker.

The Colombes stopped making wine about 1987. It is not known what happened to the vineyard and winery. The winery was located at Graham Road, Route 2, Box 13, Banks, Oregon 97106.


Fun Facts

They named their winery Cote des Colombes or “Hill of the Doves”. It was a nifty play on their name!
Of all the grape varieties they could plant Joe chose Cabernet Sauvignon.