Pioneering Oregon Wineries


Anthony Dell Cellars

Anthony Dell Cellars was a joint effort between Douglas Anthony Drawbond and Joy Dell Means.  Hence the name “Anthony Dell Cellars”.

Their wine story began with the purchase of ten acres in the Eola Hills.

Planting a vineyard did not occur to them until a few neighbors started growing grapes.  In 1997 1 ½ acres of Pinot Noir were planted.  Then another 1 ½ acres of Pinot in 2000.  The vineyard was named “Sunset Ridge Vineyard”. The couple experimented with making small batches of wine, and in 2002 bonded Anthony Dell Cellars.

Anthony Dell LabelA tasting room was first established in their coffee shop, Coffee Noir, located at 610 Marion Street in Salem, adjacent to the couple’s bead shop.  Tasting rooms were also opened at various times on Evans Street and also Third Street in McMinnville.

It is not known when the winery ceased operating.

  Anthony Dell Cellars