Pioneering Oregon Wineries


Umpqua Valley Winery

Little information is known about this early Oregon winery. It is reported to have been established in the Umpqua Valley near Roseburg in the mid to late 1970’s by Frank Guido, to make and sell fruit wines.

Guido farmed about 120 acres of fruit and berries near Roseburg. He needed a sales outlet and back then fruit wines were very popular.

Guido hired a winemaker, bought lots of winemaking equipment, and tried to sell the wines under the DiMartini Wine Company and Guido Ranch labels.

In any event the winery was not successful and ceased operating in the early 1980’s. It’s not known where the Umpqua Valley Winery was located.


Fun Facts

Many early wineries established near Roseburg in Southern Oregon made wine from locally grown fruit and berries. Many were not successful.
In 1981 Guido established another Roseburg area winery called Garden Valley Winery, this time to make varietal wines.