Pioneering Oregon Wineries


Oregon Growers Winery Cooperative

The idea was to form an organization, such as a cooperative, where grape growers could sell their grapes, have wine made, and market it collectively.

Back in the 1970’ there were few wineries to buy grapes from vineyard owners. Also there were not many winemakers and viticulturists to help growers manage their vineyards or to make wine for them. In addition there were a limited number of companies to market Oregon wines.

Unfortunately, the grower members couldn’t collectively agree on many of the basic fundamentals of organizing, so the venture never got off the ground.


Fun Facts

In the 1970’s a grape grower cooperative seemed like a good idea.
As late as 1965 when Hillcrest Winery’s vineyard near Roseburg produced its second crop of grapes a publication by Oregon State University concluded that “the American grape variety Vitis Labrusca was more suited then the French Vinifera wine grape varieties to Oregon’s climate!