Pioneering Oregon Wineries


Jonicole Vineyards

Jonicole Vineyards was started in 1973 by three couples from California. The name “Jonicole” was created from Jon Marker, Nic Busch, and Cole Cornelius, the partners. They purchased five acres near Roseburg. The winery was bonded in 1975. The property had previously been planted in 1968 to Cabernet Sauvignon. The Marker’s lived on the property and Jon worked with Richard Sommer at Hillcrest Winery. In the early 1980’s, the winery closed.

The winery started up again in 1984 when the Marker’s bought out the other partners and then bottled some of the ageing wine. The Marker’s didn’t make a go of the business (again!) and it closed (forever) in the late 1980‘s. Jonicole’s address was 491 Winery Lane, Roseburg, OR.

  Jonicole Vineyards

In 1991 LaGarza Cellars purchased Jonicole. Then in the early 2000’s Spangler Vineyards bought the property from LaGarza.