Pioneering Oregon Wineries


Humbug Winery
(1978 – 1980’s)

Humbug Winery was started in 1978 by Dr. T.R. Mafit and family. Dr. Mafit was the first gynecologist in Roseburg, and delivered many babies during his 25 years of medical practice.

For years Dr. Mafit was a home winemaker. He planted three acres of grapes and released his first commercial wine in 1978.

He produced Chenin Blanc, Gewurtztraminer, white Pinot Noir, Gamay, and White Riesling. In 1978 the winery’s production was 1800 gallons and in 1979 about 2500 gallons. It’s not known how long the winery stayed in business, or the date it went out of business.

Humbug Winery was located at 300 Hidden Valley Lane, Roseburg, Oregon.


Fun Fact

Dr. Mafit helped establish the Oregon Winegrowers Association in 1969