Pioneering Oregon Wineries


Garden Valley Winery

The winery was started by Frank Guido and grape grower Ray Higgins, after Guido’s reportedly unsuccessful attempt in the 1970’s to make fruit and berry wines at Umpqua Valley Winery.

University of Oregon graduate and German trained winemaker Richard Mansfield was hired. The winery’s first vintage was in 1983.

The partnership split in 1987. It is believed Higgins took the Garden Valley Winery name and moved to Sweet Home where his vineyard was located. Guido passed away in 1989. His wife Mary Sykes-Guido operated Callahan Ridge Winery until it ceased operating in the 1990’s.

In 2001, at this same location, Champagne Creek Cellars was established. The winery was located at 340 Busenbark Lane, Roseburg, OR.

  Garden Valley Winery

In 1987, after the partnership split, Guido and winemaker Mansfield established the CALLAHAN RIDGE WINERY at the old Garden Valley Winery site near Roseburg.