Pioneering Oregon Wineries


Callahan Ridge Winery

Callahan Ridge was founded in 1987 by Frank Guido, a partner in the old Garden Valley Winery, and Richard Mansfield, former Garden Valley Winery winemaker. The winery was named after a prominent landmark, “Callahan Ridge”. First vintage was 1987. Annual production was 20,000 gallons.

In 1989 Frank Guido passed away. His wife Mary Sykes-Guido continued operating the business. Mansfield left Callahan Ridge in 1995.

The winery ceased operating about 1997.


Fun Fact

“We are not family-owned, we are not dedicated to handcrafted wines and Old World traditions, and no staff member here is a wealthy doctor who thought it would be fun to get into the Oregon wine business. Our goal is simply to offer the best value possible. The difference between our wines and others is simple: our wines are usually priced under $7.” Marketing strategy of Callahan Ridge.

Callahan Ridge Winery