Pioneering Oregon Wineries


La Casa de Vin

In 1980 Ed Glenn, an attorney in Boardman, planted one of the first vineyards in Morrow County along the Columbia River. Glenn had been a home winemaker since the 1970’s.  He bonded his winery in 1982 and released his first wine in 1983, which quickly sold out. The winery was located at the edge of his 9 acre vineyard overlooking the Columbia River.

Glenn was convinced there was a great future in planting grapes on the Oregon side of the Columbia River. His risky venture helped pave the way for other future successful vineyard developments.

It is not known how long Glenn’s winery remained in operation, or its success. The address was: Laurel Lane, P.O. Box 428, Boardman, OR 97818.

  La Casa de Vin (1980's)

The tasting room had no regular operating hours, and good luck finding Ed Glenn there if you stopped by to taste!